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USS Nightraven Ship's Log

USS Nightraven NCC-71387
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About our RPG

Our website is being tinkered with, prior to the grand opening. Its URL will be posted here soon.

The USS Nightraven is a PBLJ (Play By LiveJournal) role-playing (sim) game based on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. The game is set in 2379, just after the Dominion War.

Before joining, you should know that our game is writing-based (mostly freeform), with an emphasis on character development. Our game focus is on exploration, not on ship-to-ship combat against Klingons, Cardassians, and/or Gem'Hadar. There are no Marines permanently stationed on the Nightraven. While the time period is that of Next Generation, the spirit of this RP is that of classic Star Trek. Yes, combat will inevitably occur, but meeting new and fascinating alien races and writing about them is the emphasis in this game.

Prospective players should be 16 years of age or older. The content rating for this game is the same as you would find on any typical episode of Star Trek.

The USS Nightraven is a member of the AeroTrek Armada, a loosely-allied group of independent Star Trek sim groups, some of which occasionally game together on joint missions.

Joining the Nightraven:

  1. Read the Ship's Manual.
  2. Complete the Application Form, and email it to: aerdensrw@yahoo.com If you are accepted:

    • Create a LiveJournal account and comment here, stating what your username is.
    • Once you have done this, the Captain will add you to the game posting community and to the OOC community.
    • You are free to begin play, according to the guidelines as listed in the Manual.

  3. If you are not approved,

    • Either make the changes which the Captain has requested on your character sheet, or please feel welcome to create a different character.